Accueil L’oulipien de l’année Diomira, une ville invisible
Singapore number one !

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We jalan jalan to Diomira already, but siao lah need 3 days lah,
very expensive, can’t do savings.
Don’t worry, when we get there, plenty of shopping centers, many many lor.
One district got 60 silver domes, a "must to see"liao.
Got temples everywhere already, not cheap lah, expensive, bronze.
Even streets made of tin lucky them lor.
Got oso cristal esplanade theater.
Got even a golden rooster do KTV every morning on top of the condomenium.
So rich already.
So boring we feel we visit many times already.But was still a blockbuster to see.
Travel agency got promotion in september, thats why we get there.
So funny lor.They even got seasons there meh, we catch flu already cos very late in evening.
So cold.
They got néon lighting at the hawker really liked liao.
Took pictures with my canon.
Must to show meh.
At the corner stall ah lian say "Hou !" already.
Better makan to talk lor.
Bendan meh.
I got jealous first time come here, angmoh already get there many time, liao wei,we locals never can like them.
Finally, so romantic already.remind me Xiao Mei birthday, happy ma ?
sure liao.

Traduction en "singlish" (anglais de Singapour).